• The building willl be well lit to maintain security sight lines  

    • Inside and Outside

  • Traffic flow will be maintained during business hours

  • NO ONE under 21 will be allowed inside 

    • Security officers will be station at certain checkpoints at all times

  • Customer will present ID 3times during the process of purchasing 


  • Products sold will not have any logo or design appealing to individuals under 21. 

  • Under state law, Legal Greens can not hire an individual convict of; distribution of controlled substance to a minor or within a school zone.

  • Seed-to-Sale Tracking

    • cultivation, growth, harvest and preparation of cannabis, marijuana products, through the final sale. 

      • If an employee violates training protocol, the person will be fired and reported to the state.


  • Customer’s Contract with Legal Greens 

  • No Loitering around the property 

  • No Littering of any product provided by Legal Greens

  • Nonsmoking in front of the property

  • Avoid impair driving

  • Avoid underage use

    • If customer(s) violate the contract, the customer(s) will no longer be allowed to purchase in our store.

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